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Demonoid Invitation Codes… for free… unlimited…

Posted on: May 28, 2009

Hi guys!

I recently became a member of! Phew! At Last!

Now, to save you all from the tiring waitin and checking regularly for open regidtrations, i am giving demonoid invitation codes to all those who want it! Yes, all of you.

What you have to do is just email me at “thedawnisback[@]gmail[dot]com.” In your cintent write your name or anything or just leave it blank.

You can also comment here to have one code! Please post your email address in the comment body so that i can send you the code. [please be careful, if u do both(email and comment) you will only receive one code from my side]

This offer is valid till i live… so no need to hurry…

Please wait for some time because doesn’t allow invitation codes to be produced in unlimited numbers at one go.



11 Responses to "Demonoid Invitation Codes… for free… unlimited…"

Hi Thedawnisback!

I need one.
please send me one!
i have emailed to you.

Could i please have a code aswell please. I have also emailed you.

May i have a code? Thank you.

plz bro i want a invitation. really i mainten accounts


Same here, email you, many thanks, there is a god 😀


May you please
send me the code?
Thank You.

oops! i forgot to put my
email here……its
i messaged you about
the code on gmail aswell (:

hey guys! hope u all have got the codes.

there is one thing i want to tell u:

“Please register as soon as possible because the code lasts only for a few days (this is what i think, but i may be 100% true!)”

thank you, keep commenting.

By what means would I need to get a TorrentLeech invite?? I been unable ever to get one, any advise please, I tried the irc but failed 😦

If anyone has available TL invite code please email me at lxundertakerlx at

sorry if this is not right place to post but I don’t know my way around here yet 😦


can you please send me an invite for demonoid seems like in the past year noone sends invites or registrations are open never id appreciate it thanx

sure, wait for sometime, though, they r not allowing me produce more at one go…

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