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Feedreader 3 is a fantastic RSS reader that automatically downloads all your RSS and Atom feeds for you.

Its minimalist interface design devotes most of the screen space to feed listings. There are only menus and no toolbar buttons. Beneath this interface there are some powerful features. For instance, a feature called Smartfeeds lets users find RSS feeds on the web by entering keywords that relate to the feed. to access this go to ‘File|New|Smartfeed’ or hit [Shift]+[F3]. Then create a rule for the feedby clicking on the drop-list boxes. Normal feeds can also be converted to Smartfeeds. The intelliupdate feature uses an algorithm to recognize and learn the update frequency of each feed, and trigger it when needed. Useful, since websites update feeds at different intervals; intelliupdate will ensure that your dowbloaded feeds are always the latest ones. In fact, it downloads feeds in the background as you work and youget Outlook-style pop-up alerts when a new feed arrives.

As a bonus, Feedreader can also download enclosures and podcasts that are attactched to the articles. it allows you to tag all articles and his helps in organizing them. feedreader is such a complex little program that it occupies a small memory footprint of just 4 MB. This little program is absolutely free!

Ratings (out of 5):
Ease of use : 4
Features : 5
Performance : 4
Overall Rating : 4

[Download Here]

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